About us


HDC believes in helping to create asustainable world.We vigorously seek opportunities for energy conservationand preservation of resources. Wedo this by seeking opportunities for integrated design, for energy and water recycling, and for high performance MEP systems. We help the architect in building siting and skin design, and inpdienvgelo internal MEP pathways conducivetohighperformancesystems
In the design of the MEP installation itself, we strive for systems that help provide fresh, light, healthy, airy conditions and that are low energy and easy to maintain. Natural lighting, solar thermal and PV, rainwater harvesting and water recycling areall partofour design considerations.
HDC uses tools that simplify the otherwise very Complex process of designing buildings with low environmental impact and whole life costs. These tools allow both environmental and financial tradeoffs to be made explicit in the design process, allowing the client to optimize the concept of best value according to their own priorities.